Technical visit to Ferepe in the framework of RCS project

On January 9, 2018, a technical visit was made to Ferespe’s premises, preceded by a presentation of the RCS Project. Several guests from the project companies, Ferespe and W2V, were present, mainly professionals from the foundry sector, both from other companies and from suppliers of equipment and materials.
The event began with the reception of guests by Dr. Jorge Casais, who made a brief approach to Ferespe and its history. Afterwards, a presentation of the project was made by Professor Fernando Castro, where the scope of the RCS project was explained, the activities carried out along it were described and some of the main results obtained were presented and discussed. Afterwards, a visit was made to Ferespe’s industrial unit, guided by Engineer Joaquim Santos, where it was possible to visualize the operation of the developed boom and the respective insufflation process, and, later, explained and demonstrated the entire Ferespe production process.
Finally, a clarification session was held, both about the results and about the products and process developed in the project.

Aspect of the technical visit
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