Project Finished

The RCS – Refined Cast Steel has finished. With the obtained prototype and knowledge about decarburizing and dessulphurization/ dephosphorization ol liquid steels, by means of using additives made with industrial residues, Ferespe is now able to produce cast steels with even enhanced mechanical properties. With lower Carbon contents in the case of stainless steels, being […]

Injection system developed

The purpose of the system is to inject gases – either alone or in conjunction with reactive powders – into a liquid steel furnace to promote the modification of inclusions or carbon oxidation of the steel. The system must be capable of reliably and repeatably inflating to both the system itself and adjacent employees. It […]

Characterization of wastes

Activity 2, Identification and characterization of wastes, is complete. Residues of potential interest for the production of additives that promote the desulfurization and dephosphorization reactions of liquid steel were identified and characterized. These are residues that primarily contain the elements calcium, aluminum and silicon and which, combined in certain proportions, can enhance the manufacture of […]

Activity 1 finished

The first activity of the project, Characterization of available raw-materials, has been completed, with the full characterization of the raw materials, both metallic scraps and potencial chemical for additives for liquid steel treatment. The procedures used were essentially of chemical analysis determination, aiming at the precise determination of the chemical composition of the materials. For […]

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