Activity 1 finished

The first activity of the project, Characterization of available raw-materials, has been completed, with the full characterization of the raw materials, both metallic scraps and potencial chemical for additives for liquid steel treatment.

The procedures used were essentially of chemical analysis determination, aiming at the precise determination of the chemical composition of the materials. For this purpose, the analyzes were carried out internally at Ferespe, Lda. In cases where the company does not have the respective techniques, some determinations were subcontracted, namely elemental oxygen and nitrogen analysis and fluorescence spectrometry. X-rays, the latter for the determination of minor elements, uncalibrated in the optical emission spectrometer available from Ferespe, Lda.
W2V, SA also participated in the tasks of this activity, collaborating in the characterization of ferroalloys and additives for the treatment of liquid steel, which was essentially done by subcontracting analysis by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and electron microscopy characterization. sweep. Complementarily, in some situations, for the determination of some elements, the samples were dissolved, with analysis by atomic absorption spectrometry.

Scanning electron microscope image of particles of aerial lime
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