Characterization of wastes

Activity 2, Identification and characterization of wastes, is complete.

Residues of potential interest for the production of additives that promote the desulfurization and dephosphorization reactions of liquid steel were identified and characterized. These are residues that primarily contain the elements calcium, aluminum and silicon and which, combined in certain proportions, can enhance the manufacture of additives that, after sintering and grinding, allow, by insufflation in liquid steel, promote reactions of interest. from the perspective of reducing the levels of S and P.

For this purpose, visits were made to various companies, also from various industrial sectors, namely:

  • steel industry
  • ferrous foundry companies
  • pulp and paper industry
  • surface treatment companies for metals and plastics
  • metal processing companies
  • glass companies
  • thermal power stations
  • chemical manufacturing companies
  • cement manufacturing companies
  • cork products manufacturing companies
  • natural stone extraction and processing companies

In each company visited, information about the waste generated, its quantities and typology, have been obtained. Samples were identified and characterized.

Electron microscope image of steelmaking ladle slag
Electron microscope image of iron foundry slag
Electron microscope image of fly ash from carbon electricity production central
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